Getting to Mass IoT Deployment:

Challenges and Opportunities

The size of individual IoT deployments is set to grow rapidly over the next few years – with advances in cellular, LoRa and satellite connectivity leading the way.

  • The IoT market has focused mainly on small deployments up to now – Proof of Concepts leading to a few 100s of connections
  • As IoT is now more central to business operations, deployment sizes are taking off into 1000s plus. Massive IoT (mIoT) is here.

This step-change in IoT market development is having huge implications for how businesses manage their current IoT solutions and plan future growth. What challenges does mass deployment bring and how are they being met?

Virtually all small deployments will need changing to grow effectively – In a recent survey by Beecham Research nearly half of business leaders indicated that substantial change is needed.

This 90+ page report includes:

  • Analysis of key market trends – expectations for Mass IoT deployment
  • Results from 3 surveys related to mass deployment challenges
  • Exclusive interviews with senior executives in the IoT market running large IoT deployments
  • Technical issues and solutions explored, including the impact of AI/ML
  • Case studies illustrating successful deployments
  • Do you need to ‘start again’ with your IoT solution rather than modify?
  • Are the security risks larger as deployments get larger?
  • How do you deal with security breaches quickly and localise them?
  • How can faults arising in large deployments be actioned quickly?
  • Where will AI/ML be used effectively?

Specialist IoT smart city solutions and services provider

It is no longer about the extremely expensive IoT Device that has a high-speed LTE connection, it is about very large numbers of units with a few messages.

Specialist IoT device maker and M2M solutions provider

We have tools to deploy massive IoT services globally, whether we are using cellular, LoRa, Zigbee or Satellite or any of those technologies. Customers do not need to know the technical specifics and we basically make them work.

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